Ontario PCs once again attempt to smear teachers and fail

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Once again the Ontario PC Party has attempted to cast a bad light on the province's teachers and once again it has failed spectacularly.

During a protest rally held in Niagara Falls this past weekend at the PC convention, a protester was seen holding up a sign that would easily be deemed nasty by many. It turns out this individual had nothing to do with teachers or their protest and is in fact a well known pro-life protester trying to capitalize on the press and social media attention.

This did not stop Toronto Sun hack Brian Lilley, a PC fanboy, from 'puttin' on the slag' followed by a retweet from the ever stumbling Stephen Lecce, the grossly unqualified current minister of education for Ontario. If Lecce were truly trying to solicit a distance from this protester while not attempting to paint the teachers in a negative light, he should/would have posted a standalone tweet with text something like

Lecce should have said

"I'd like to ask the heads of the teachers unions to join me in condemning this individual's message as neither he nor his message as presented are supported by this province's education system."
Instead Lecce chose to attach a push for condemnation directly with a message trying to tarnish teachers.

This is simply another attempt of the Clowns of Queens to further their agenda of dismantling the education system in Ontario.

I am not a supporter of state run education systems, nor the state itself, however backroom malicious behaviour to further a political agenda instead of an organized transition to a better method of education is pathetic at best.