Ontario PC Shennagins?

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Although more information really is needed, it is highly doubtful that a group claiming to represent parents, a group that nobody has heard of before managed to raise the money required to place full page ads in 3 majors in Ontario.

It is very likely however to be simply more tricks by the group of incompetents currently residing in Queens Park.

While this example is not firmed up yet, there are dump trucks full of examples that are, examples of this kind of deceitful behaviour perpetrated by group calling themselves government.

Oh, and your hard work pays for this too . . . ain't government grand?

P.S> Lecce claims to be the education minister: what kind of example is he and the rest of his fellow dorks setting for those he is supposed to be responsible for?

“We’re offering a $20 Tim Horton’s gift card to anybody who can determine exactly who the conservative millionaires are that are paying for these ads.”

Mysterious Group Uses ‘Made-Up Name’ and Fake Mom to Attack Teachers in Canada’s Biggest Newspapers