The Tunery

A collection of tunes I've enjoyed over the years organized by decade.
Growing up in a small town in the days ruled by AM radio, we didn't get much exposure to anything that wasn't either country, pop or talk. Thankfully though we could receive a Detroit rock station that also played a lot of Motown music as a bonus. Some of the bands included in this list actually got their start in the 60s but I've included them in this collection instead.

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This decade was without a doubt the most influential for me. So much amazing music across every category. We also saw the invention of some new ones like industrial, goth and synthpop. But, this is a decade of music that would not have unfolded as it did without the influence of some major movements and players that got their start and foothold in the latter half of the 1970's and so I included this 5ish year period in my 80s grouping. Punk Rock was critical to blow out the bloated, boring and over the topness that music had drifted into. Progressive bands were really beginning to embrace the newish technology that was the synthesizer. Yes, important to include this period. At the other end of the decade we saw some 80s bands just getting to their stride as well as some new groups being formed that were going to slide right into the 90s. For those reasons I also include up to about 95 or so in my 80s decade. After that, while there were, and still are, a few good acts here and there, overall music took a turn for the worse and now sits in the modern equivalent of the mid seventies, the loop complete. (Please note: this page is very much a work in progress.)

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I'm a huge fan of keyboards, all shapes and sizes, but do have a soft spot for the piano having taken a few years of lessons as a youngin'. Here's a few of my favzz.

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Some videos that I've created or edited from other sources.

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