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Sometimes one needs to work a little harder for their musical reward(s): Skinny Puppy is a perfect example of this for me. Upon first hearing SP in the early 80's, I did indeed scoff pretty hard and dismiss this important band out of hand. Spending most of the 80's in Toronto, and assuming one didn't live entirely in their basement, it was pretty hard to escape hearing an SP tune or two in the various clubs around the city. Each time I listened a little harder, a little longer. Two things sealed my Skinny Puppy deal: learning that one of the founding members was from Images in Vogue, a band I'm still a fan of to this day and the song Worlock from their album Rabies.

Taking the time to go thru the back catalogue with open ears and mind, I was excited to discover what a remarkable band this was. Pioneers in the industrial scene, virtually creating it, performance artists taking it to another level, a strong social consciousness particularly towards animal testing/abuse and the beautiful 80s harmonies and samples that characterized the era. In the case of sampling, again, pretty much pioneered by Skinny Puppy.

It will prolly take newcomers some time to get into this band, if at all. SP is not a band for everyone to be sure.

If you are a fan of 80s music, hava listen, a few times, you too might find yourself pleasantly surprised.
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Members cEvin Key (Kevin Crompton), Nivek Ogre (Kevin Ogilvie), Dwayne Goettel Genre




Skinny Puppy (custom)

Formation Date 1982 Media

Expand: Addiction Live 1987 Addiction Live 1987

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Expand: Smothered Hope Live 1987 Smothered Hope Live 1987

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