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Artist or Band Name INXS Blurbage Real bummer with Micheal's death and real bummer that J.D. Fortune did not stay with the band. INXS was primarily a summer band for me: heavy radio play while we hung out at the beach being lucky enough to have grown up on the shores of a great lake. Many of their tunes transport me right back to that time. Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to see them live when Hutchence was still around but did manage to see them at a smaller arena with J.D. Fortune; 'twas a really great show, quite impressed. Fortune's voice is just right for the back catalogue, so Micheal while so JD. Bummer. Country of Origin



New Wave


Pub Rock (custom)

Formation Date 1977 Media

Expand: Afterglow Afterglow

Expand: Beautiful Girl Beautiful Girl

Expand: By My Side By My Side

Expand: Devil Inside Devil Inside

Expand: Devil's Party  Devil's Party

Expand: Disappear Disappear

Expand: Don't Change  Don't Change

Expand: Elegantly Wasted Elegantly Wasted

Expand: Mystify Mystify

Expand: Mystify (J.D. Fortune) Mystify (J.D. Fortune)

Expand: Never Tear Us Apart Never Tear Us Apart

Expand: Need You Tonight Need You Tonight

Expand: New Sensation New Sensation

Expand: Pretty Vegas Pretty Vegas

Expand: Suicide Blonde Suicide Blonde

Expand: What You Need What You Need